Q. How often is therapy provided?

A. Professional therapy services including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy are available on-site seven days a week as prescribed.

Q. What kind of clothes should I bring?

A. Our patients and residents wear whatever makes them most comfortable, whether that’s dress clothes or loungewear. For our rehab patients, we recommend loose clothing and comfortable shoes during rehab therapy.

Q. How is the food? Really?

A. We take dining seriously, with creative menu options that keep mealtime interesting, and specialized dietary plans to accommodate restrictions or limitations. We welcome guests to join us for a meal and judge for themselves. Please contact our Admissions Director to learn more.

Q. Do I need my own TV and telephone?

A. Patient rooms have telephones and flat-screen televisions in the room. Telephone service, cable TV and Wi-Fi are free.

Q. Why should I choose a not-for-profit center?

A. As a not-for-profit center, our focus is on reinvesting in our people, our programs, our services, and our centers to achieve exceptional outcomes for our residents and patients.

Q. What is your visitor policy?

A. The best time to visit is usually between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. This may vary according to the individual. When a loved one is receiving hospice care, family members are welcome around the clock.

Q. Can my pet visit me?

A. We welcome pet visits. We ask that you contact our Activities Department prior to pet visits, and ensure that your pet is friendly, on a leash and up-to-date with all vaccinations.

Q. Do you have volunteer opportunities?

A. Our volunteers are an important part of our community. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, please contact our Activities Department.

Q. What is the difference between rehabilitation and short-term rehab?

A. Rehabilitation professionals help patients recover, rebuild strength and maintain ability. Rehab can involve relearning skills, adapting to physical limitations, or minimizing physical decline related to aging. Rehab therapies may be indicated for short-term recovery or for long-term well-being. Short-term rehab typically refers to healing and recovery following surgery, injury, or other health-related event.

Still have questions? Contact us to learn more about Fairview Commons Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Great Barrington, MA.